Maybe you’re right. i dont have any trust in you.. but with all i have done and with what i know i can do, Maybe its easy for me to assume you do that stuff too. Even tho as far as i know today.. you have never lied to me or let me down. I love that the most about you. that you are loyal to your word when you say you’re devoted to me.. I don’t feel good about anything i ever did to hurt you. I mean that.. With that said.

I’d never tell you this, because I know it would turn into some long debate, where you wouldn’t shut up.. But I am prepared, Prepared for the worst. I wake up every morning ready that youll tell me we are done. You either found someone else or you just woke up with a hit of reality and realized im shit compared to you. But I’m going to stay with you, for as long as you will have me. Because I am greatful I have you.. Even tho I may not always show it. I really am. I’m just ready, and when that time comes. I won’t fight you and I wont give you any shit about it. I’ll just thank you for the time you DID put up with me for as long as you did and let you be on your way, So I don’t think i have a trust issue… I think im just ready for you to realize how awful I am for you.

And I’m gonna come back when that happens and reread this„ and say to myself.. “Hey. look you were ready, Chin up. Shes happy now” and ill be ok because I’ll know its true.